Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Way Too Many Emoticons...

I have a confession to make...
I use way too many emoticons.

I'm a very sarcastic individual with a rather dry sense of humor.
In person, you can tell this from simply having a conversation with me.
Online, however, I feel like there's no real easy way to distinguish the difference
between sarcastic comments and genuine comments.
Hence my usage of emoticons.
There are times I find myself using them in every e-mail, instant message, or text being sent.
It's at this point where I have to step back and tell myself,
"Calm down there, girly!  People are going to think your computer has gone manic!"
But I would much rather look silly by using a bunch of emoticons than
accidentally offend someone via text/the internet.

I think it's safe to say I'm just too sarcastic for the good of the texting and internet age.
One of these days I'm sure it will wind up getting me in trouble.
So until a universal font used to depict sarcasm is created, I will continue use these silly little faces.
Unless it's at work.  I keep my office e-mails 100% sarcasm-free.

Do you ever find yourself being misunderstood in texts, e-mails, etc?
Do emoticons tend to hijack your conversations too?


  1. I used to be an office manager so definitely had to learn the trick of keeping sarcasm to a minimum. Quite tough when you're writing sooooo many emails! Love this post and you're ADORABLE!

  2. totally and emoticons work so great I think, I love the special ones gmail has!
    I am so with you girl!