Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Am Only One Person...

My life has been so hectic recently.
I'm feeling overwhelmed with my schedule growing out of control.
My mind is whirling, my body is aching,  and there aren't enough hours in the day.
I'm falling behind in the craziness that is life.
I just want one day to myself where I can lay in bed all day and not be bothered by the outside world.  
No responsibilities.  No fires to put out.  Heck, no human contact!
Just sleep and laziness.

I'm developing a poor attitude and my patience is running out quickly.
I'm spread too thin.
I love my life, everything, and everyone that is in it. 
I'm so thankful for all the opportunities that God has given me.
After nearly 25 years of life though, I'm still learning that I can't do everything. 
I can't say yes to every favor being asked.
 I can't take on more responsibilities than I can handle.
...and that is something I need to constantly remind myself of.
I'm working on it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Exams of the Semester...

So I kind of dropped of the face of the earth in the blogging world without any warning.  Sorry about that!

These last couple have weeks have been a whirlwind.  I've spent most of my time stressing out about first exams in my classes.  My first exam in my Statistics class was last week.  Let me tell you...  I'm not one for math.  Honestly, I hate it and it hates me.  I've never been good at it and it has always been a struggle.  I have shed so many tears just being utterly frustrated with math concepts.  That being said, I somehow managed to miss only one question on the exam last week.  I was in denial when I got my grade back.  I couldn't believe it!  Though once it set in that I did indeed score well, I felt absolutely ecstatic!  I'm just so happy that the exam is over with, and I have one less thing to worry about.  However, my next worry is my Multi-Cultural Psychology exam happening on Monday of next week.  I love the subject, but the teacher only lectures about a portion of the things she wants us to know.  The rest we have teach ourselves and read in the book.  Ugh...  There's no doubt that I will definitely be cramming this weekend.  Oh joy!

So now you know why I've been missing for 2 weeks.  School related anxiety is no fun, and I really just needed to veg out and do absolutely nothing productive outside of keeping up on my schoolwork.  Once I finish my Psych exam next Monday all will be well in the world of Sarah again.  I just need to hang in there in the meantime.  Wish me luck!  :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

The ABC's I've Learned About Life...

I've learned plenty of lessons in my almost 25 years of life, and I'm sure many more will come.  Here are just a few I've picked up on so far.  A lot of these are lessons I've had to learn the hard way, but every so often a positive life lesson will come along making all the struggles worth while.  I now pass along my wisdom to you...

A - Actions always speak louder than words.  Word, after word, after word.

B - Being a positive role model is a full-time job.  There are no days off.

C - Creative is my middle name.  (Well, not actually.)  But regardless of the many creative outlets I've had in my life (writing poetry, graphic design, crafting, etc.), up until just a few years ago I never recognized myself as actually being creative.  Crazy, right?

D - Distance can either make the heart grow fonder or tear two people apart.  It all depends on the relationship and the amount of effort the people are willing to put into it.

E - Everything happens for a reason... Whether or not I know the reason at the time.  God has His plans, and they're never wrong.

F - Forgetting the things that I wish had never happened is a totally impossible thing to do.

G - Getting what I want isn't always what's best for me.  God knows exactly what I need.

H - Helping someone else is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

I - Inconsiderate people are simply inconsiderate people.  No amount of kindness or friendliness on my part can change them.

J - Judgement is a disservice to everyone.

K - Keeping calm is the most important thing in times of chaos or emergency.

L - Losing someone's friendship is even more difficult when you realize you didn't mean nearly as much to them as they meant to you.

M - Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  (It's so true!  Ladies, be sure you moisturize each day before applying makeup.)

N - No one can decide my self-worth.  That's for me to decide.

O - Organization can do wonders not only in saving space but also in saving sanity.

P - Priorities change over time.  It's all a part of growing up.

Q - Questions can only be stupid if you fail to ask them yet assume the answers.

R - Righting a wrong takes far more energy and effort than doing right in the first place.

S - Seeing those younger than myself grow up makes me feel like I'm getting old.  Older and much wiser.

T - Trying is the best you can do sometimes...  Don't listen to Yoda.

U - Unattractive personalities can make even the most gorgeous people ugly.

V - Victory is bittersweet.  To be victorious, someone else must experience defeat.

W - Weirdness should be embraced.  The minute you believe it to be something negative, others will believe the exact same thing.

X - X-Ray results can be overlooked by doctors.  Only specialists can spot rarities...  A lesson I learned a year too late, sadly.  Two broken hips and two surgeries later.

Y - Youth is not an excuse for ignorance, only inexperience.

Z - Zippers are dangerous.  No, really...  They are!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Non-stop, Non-stop, Non-stop...

That has been me lately: completely NON-STOP.  I have issues with anxiety, and I've felt that anxiety spiking recently.  Luckily, it's nothing I can't handle.  I've found that I have to remind myself to slow down.  I just need to focus on taking a breath and chilling out for 5 seconds.  After those 5 seconds I can freak out all I want as long as I remember to take another 5 second sanity check a few moments later...  Sounds fun, right?  Heh!

So here is what has been going on in my life these past 2 weeks...

Classes started back up for me last week.  I'm taking 2 classes (Cross Cultural Psychology and Statistics for Sociology Majors), though I technically only need one to be ready to transfer to a University.  I've been at a community college these past *coughsixcough* years.  It's kind of a sore subject talking about how long I've spent in college, but that's a whole other blog waiting to happen...

The midweek kids' program that I teach at my church started up the week prior.  Here we are all wearing our big ear headbands that remind us that God Always Listens.  My older kids got a kick out of this one.  :)

And I still have had work throughout all this...  And it was a crazy week at work on top of that!  I absolutely love my job.  I currently work in my career field.  More on what I do in a later entry.  It's complicated, often dark, heavy, and much of it deals with strict confidentiality...  Like I said, that's for another blog.

So I'm slowly but surely getting into the new swing of things with the new schedule.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are hectic as can be.  I rush from work to class on those days.  Being out of the house for 11 hours straight and not getting home until 9pm is longer and later than I'm used to, but I'd say I'm adjusting well.  Yay for being a night person!

Wishful Wednesday!

I haven't been a watch wearer since I got a little thing called a cell phone.  Recently though, with my schedule being so hectic, I thought it might be useful to check the time a little more discreetly than whipping out my phone every time...  Then I remembered this invention from the past called a watch.  Now I'm determined to turn away from new technology and stick to old school ways.  Now to choose one...


This band isn't exactly something I'd usually wear, but I'm trying to refresh my style
a bit and go outside my comfort zone when it comes to clothes and accessories.

Something about this watch takes me back to the 90's, and it makes me drunk on nostalgia.
I think it reminds me of the Minnie Mouse watch my mom had when I was a child.
Or maybe it's the little polka dots on the end of the hands.  Whatever it is, I like it. 

Love paisleys.  Don't love that there are no numbers on this face.
I would be either late or early for all the wrong things...  No thank you!