Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Christmas, Part 2...

Here comes Wishful Wednesday decked out in Christmas decor style!

Snowman Pillow from Kirkland's.
This is so cute!  I would love to have a few of these around the house.

Holiday Wood Wall Hanger from Lillian Vernon.
I absolutely love this!  The balance of this piece is gorgeous.

Jingle Bell String Lights from Pottery Barn.
I've always wanted to own some more complex Christmas lights--instead of just
the little bulbs.  These are traditional, classic, and beautiful.

Beaded Metallic Bird Ornament from Pottery Barn.
Looks like this little bird has perched on this Christmas tree this year!  :)

Bird Seed Garland from Pottery Barn.
I can't get over how darling this garland is!  Imagine having a tree full of
bird and other little animal ornaments, then stringing this around.  Someday...

Fa La La Doormat from Frontgate.
I've always wanted a Christmas doormat.  Seems so festive.  This one is cute!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On A Lazy Sunday...

This weekend has been quite nice.  VN and I have been so busy lately with things to do and people to see, that we haven't had much time to veg and relax together.  This weekend was my weekend to head down to VN's place in San Diego.  Today we stayed in the apartment the whole day.  This may not sound very fun, but when I'm busy as can be staying in sounds like the most amazing thing.  Today consisted of crafting (Christmas ornaments!), video games, homemade bagel sandwiches, and watching Vampire Diaries and the Food Network.  Best lazy Sunday there could be!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Christmas, Part 1...

Wishful Wednesdays are going to be a new little addition to this blog.  On Wednesdays I'll be posting items from my wishlist or things that I've simply found and adore...  Given the time of year, I thought it would make sense for the first installment to be all about Christmas.  Makes sense, right?

Santa & Friends Cake Pops.
These would make adorable stocking stuffers!

Christmas Tree Watch.
The only thing I wouldn't like about wearing this watch
is that I could only wear it once a year.

Multi-Colored Jingle Bells Ring.
  So I could feel festive every time I wave at someone.

Snowy Penguin Pendant.
One of the cutest Christmas items I've seen on Etsy.

Poinsettia necklace.
I'm always looking for a new Christmas accessory.
The more handmade looking it is, the better.

Snowman Button Ring.
If this isn't simple and genius, I don't know what is.

Snowman Felt Mini Bag.
This would make a cute little lunch bag during the holiday season.

Monday, December 12, 2011

What Happens In Vegas...

What happens in Vegas apparently doesn't always stay in Vegas since I'm blogging about it.  Hopefully I'm not shunned like the girl on the commercial.  If you're not familiar with the commercial I'm talking about, watch it below.

Vegas was fun! Since it was my first trip to Vegas, I had a lot to take in during such a short trip.

(From left to right) Myself; JA; DB, the birthday boy; and
VN, The Boyfriend; all left for the roadtrip early in the AM.

We stopped at the Barstow Outlets on the way there,
where I  bought this ring as a good luck charm.
Slot machines, here I come!

A couple hours later, we arrived in Vegas!

Checked into our rooms at Planet Hollywood.

I was thoroughly creeped out when I walked into
our room and saw old clothes in display cases.
This one is mild compared to the old dress-suit
hanging on a dress form next to the television.

YR flew in, and we all got ready to head out to the club.

It was DB's birthday, so he got to decide what we were doing for our nights out.  We headed over to KRAVE, the gay bar in Planet Hollywood.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm not one for dancing, but I love to people-watching.  Also, critiquing the dancing styles of the paid male dancers who were dancing on stage in nothing but briefs was quite funny.

The following day we walked the strip and did a bit of gambling.
It was a little difficult getting around though since Las Vegas
Blvd. was all blocked off for the Rock n Roll Marathon.
The marathoners left a mess on the street.  Look at all those cups!

It rained a little bit, then we made a brief trip to a bar where we played pool and darts.  People-watching was also fun here.  Heck!  I think people-watching is fun everywhere, especially in Vegas!

We reluctantly headed home the following morning.  Of course
we stopped at the Outlet Mall in Primm to do some shopping.

Overall it was a great trip with great people.  Lots of bonding experiences and fun stories to tell.   I didn't lose any money.  In fact, I made a little bit .  If I did my math correctly, that is.  And since I'm not so good at math...  Who knows?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

I'm 24, and I've never been to Vegas...  Yet!  Today The Boyfriend and I are going with a group of people to Sin City (Don't worry, I'm not going there to sin.) for a friend's birthday.  I'm really looking forward to it!  I've been to and gambled at local Indian casinos before, but I've never been to VEGAS.  To be honest, regardless of how close California is geographically, prior to planning this trip I didn't see myself going to Vegas anytime soon.  I figured it was a trip I would take someday but I needed to find a reason to go first.  So now I have a reason!  I'm not quite sure what too many of the plans are.  We'll go wherever the birthday boy wants to go.  Oh, and we're definitely stopping at the Outlets in Barstow on our way there.  Whoo-hoo!  

I'll be back in a couple days with plenty of pictures and stories, I'm sure.  Wish me luck on the slots, folks!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Stripped Down 80's...

I'm not sure if you watch Glee, but I certainly do. I love the music numbers! Even if the story lines are a bit too dramatic at times. This week one of the male actors (Cory Monteith, who plays Finn) sang a stripped down version of Cyndi Lauper's 80's hit, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." I'm kind of in love with this cover. If you click on the player below and listen to it, I think you'll hear why. It's very different from the original, but I think it's nice. Go on; click it. You know you want to...