Monday, December 12, 2011

What Happens In Vegas...

What happens in Vegas apparently doesn't always stay in Vegas since I'm blogging about it.  Hopefully I'm not shunned like the girl on the commercial.  If you're not familiar with the commercial I'm talking about, watch it below.

Vegas was fun! Since it was my first trip to Vegas, I had a lot to take in during such a short trip.

(From left to right) Myself; JA; DB, the birthday boy; and
VN, The Boyfriend; all left for the roadtrip early in the AM.

We stopped at the Barstow Outlets on the way there,
where I  bought this ring as a good luck charm.
Slot machines, here I come!

A couple hours later, we arrived in Vegas!

Checked into our rooms at Planet Hollywood.

I was thoroughly creeped out when I walked into
our room and saw old clothes in display cases.
This one is mild compared to the old dress-suit
hanging on a dress form next to the television.

YR flew in, and we all got ready to head out to the club.

It was DB's birthday, so he got to decide what we were doing for our nights out.  We headed over to KRAVE, the gay bar in Planet Hollywood.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm not one for dancing, but I love to people-watching.  Also, critiquing the dancing styles of the paid male dancers who were dancing on stage in nothing but briefs was quite funny.

The following day we walked the strip and did a bit of gambling.
It was a little difficult getting around though since Las Vegas
Blvd. was all blocked off for the Rock n Roll Marathon.
The marathoners left a mess on the street.  Look at all those cups!

It rained a little bit, then we made a brief trip to a bar where we played pool and darts.  People-watching was also fun here.  Heck!  I think people-watching is fun everywhere, especially in Vegas!

We reluctantly headed home the following morning.  Of course
we stopped at the Outlet Mall in Primm to do some shopping.

Overall it was a great trip with great people.  Lots of bonding experiences and fun stories to tell.   I didn't lose any money.  In fact, I made a little bit .  If I did my math correctly, that is.  And since I'm not so good at math...  Who knows?

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