Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veteran's Day Shopping and Fun...

Oh, how I enjoy 3 day weekends.  Sleeping in, shopping, game night, and ice cream...  Yes please!  I'm at my boyfriend's place in San Diego this weekend.  He had the day off from work today.  Waking up a little past noon was quite nice.  The boy and I met up with his good friend to run errands and then shop at the outlets!  No one told me about the outlets here, and no one told me that they're amazing!!!  The store selection was insane!  I was shopping with boys, so obviously I didn't get to do as much shopping as I would have liked.  Regardless of the fact that my boyfriend's friend is gay, he's definitely not willing to spend all day at the outlets with me.  I like to take my time shopping and make sure I've seen everything that might interest me.  I drive most of my girlfriends crazy with how long I take to shop.  Oops.  I ended up buying things at Bath & Body Works (lotion, more lotion, face mask, and a Christmas gift), Vans (bright lime green lace-up Vans as a Christmas gift for my little sis), and Charlotte Russe (a red layering tank).  All for $42.  Heck yes!  I love me some good deals.

After shopping the 3 of us had game night with a couple who the boys are friends with.  Apples to Apples, Skip-Bo, Wii.  Oh so much fun.  We ended up going out to grab ice cream at this cute little ice cream shop called The Daily Scoop.  The decor was simply darling, and the place even makes "DogScream"--ice cream for your dogs.  How cute is that?  (The couple's doxens love the ice cream.)  The shop's decor and overall vibe is so cute that I just had to take pictures.  Take a look...

Adorable paintings on the walls, and I couldn't get over
how cute the creative placing of the mirrors is.

Various individually wrapped candies available 
for sale.  A tiny little sweet shop!

Homemade cupcakes and mini pies all
displayed in domed cake stands.

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