Friday, February 3, 2012

The ABC's I've Learned About Life...

I've learned plenty of lessons in my almost 25 years of life, and I'm sure many more will come.  Here are just a few I've picked up on so far.  A lot of these are lessons I've had to learn the hard way, but every so often a positive life lesson will come along making all the struggles worth while.  I now pass along my wisdom to you...

A - Actions always speak louder than words.  Word, after word, after word.

B - Being a positive role model is a full-time job.  There are no days off.

C - Creative is my middle name.  (Well, not actually.)  But regardless of the many creative outlets I've had in my life (writing poetry, graphic design, crafting, etc.), up until just a few years ago I never recognized myself as actually being creative.  Crazy, right?

D - Distance can either make the heart grow fonder or tear two people apart.  It all depends on the relationship and the amount of effort the people are willing to put into it.

E - Everything happens for a reason... Whether or not I know the reason at the time.  God has His plans, and they're never wrong.

F - Forgetting the things that I wish had never happened is a totally impossible thing to do.

G - Getting what I want isn't always what's best for me.  God knows exactly what I need.

H - Helping someone else is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

I - Inconsiderate people are simply inconsiderate people.  No amount of kindness or friendliness on my part can change them.

J - Judgement is a disservice to everyone.

K - Keeping calm is the most important thing in times of chaos or emergency.

L - Losing someone's friendship is even more difficult when you realize you didn't mean nearly as much to them as they meant to you.

M - Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  (It's so true!  Ladies, be sure you moisturize each day before applying makeup.)

N - No one can decide my self-worth.  That's for me to decide.

O - Organization can do wonders not only in saving space but also in saving sanity.

P - Priorities change over time.  It's all a part of growing up.

Q - Questions can only be stupid if you fail to ask them yet assume the answers.

R - Righting a wrong takes far more energy and effort than doing right in the first place.

S - Seeing those younger than myself grow up makes me feel like I'm getting old.  Older and much wiser.

T - Trying is the best you can do sometimes...  Don't listen to Yoda.

U - Unattractive personalities can make even the most gorgeous people ugly.

V - Victory is bittersweet.  To be victorious, someone else must experience defeat.

W - Weirdness should be embraced.  The minute you believe it to be something negative, others will believe the exact same thing.

X - X-Ray results can be overlooked by doctors.  Only specialists can spot rarities...  A lesson I learned a year too late, sadly.  Two broken hips and two surgeries later.

Y - Youth is not an excuse for ignorance, only inexperience.

Z - Zippers are dangerous.  No, really...  They are!


  1. What a cool way to reflect on life lessons. I like that letter "B" one about being a positive role model. VERY TRUE! Hope you have a lovely Friday girl!

  2. this was really great Sarah, and I love M moisturize! I AGREE,
    and Organization, are you good at it?!
    These were really great hon, thanks for sharing with us, and i'm sorry about your hips :(