Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Non-stop, Non-stop, Non-stop...

That has been me lately: completely NON-STOP.  I have issues with anxiety, and I've felt that anxiety spiking recently.  Luckily, it's nothing I can't handle.  I've found that I have to remind myself to slow down.  I just need to focus on taking a breath and chilling out for 5 seconds.  After those 5 seconds I can freak out all I want as long as I remember to take another 5 second sanity check a few moments later...  Sounds fun, right?  Heh!

So here is what has been going on in my life these past 2 weeks...

Classes started back up for me last week.  I'm taking 2 classes (Cross Cultural Psychology and Statistics for Sociology Majors), though I technically only need one to be ready to transfer to a University.  I've been at a community college these past *coughsixcough* years.  It's kind of a sore subject talking about how long I've spent in college, but that's a whole other blog waiting to happen...

The midweek kids' program that I teach at my church started up the week prior.  Here we are all wearing our big ear headbands that remind us that God Always Listens.  My older kids got a kick out of this one.  :)

And I still have had work throughout all this...  And it was a crazy week at work on top of that!  I absolutely love my job.  I currently work in my career field.  More on what I do in a later entry.  It's complicated, often dark, heavy, and much of it deals with strict confidentiality...  Like I said, that's for another blog.

So I'm slowly but surely getting into the new swing of things with the new schedule.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are hectic as can be.  I rush from work to class on those days.  Being out of the house for 11 hours straight and not getting home until 9pm is longer and later than I'm used to, but I'd say I'm adjusting well.  Yay for being a night person!

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