Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wishful Wednesday!

I haven't been a watch wearer since I got a little thing called a cell phone.  Recently though, with my schedule being so hectic, I thought it might be useful to check the time a little more discreetly than whipping out my phone every time...  Then I remembered this invention from the past called a watch.  Now I'm determined to turn away from new technology and stick to old school ways.  Now to choose one...


This band isn't exactly something I'd usually wear, but I'm trying to refresh my style
a bit and go outside my comfort zone when it comes to clothes and accessories.

Something about this watch takes me back to the 90's, and it makes me drunk on nostalgia.
I think it reminds me of the Minnie Mouse watch my mom had when I was a child.
Or maybe it's the little polka dots on the end of the hands.  Whatever it is, I like it. 

Love paisleys.  Don't love that there are no numbers on this face.
I would be either late or early for all the wrong things...  No thank you!

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